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Buying Process

We can help prepare, stage, and advertise your property.


Step by Step

We understand the many questions and concerns of home buyers.
Below is a step by step list of the real estate buying process.

  • Consultation to analyze needs
  • Establish a working relationship
  • Mortgage Pre-Approval
  • Select Properties
  • Write an offer to purchase
    • Conduct inspections
  • Sign Contract
    • Balance of 10% deposit due
    • Remove contingencies
  • Closing

Estimated Costs on the Purchase of a Property

Lender Fees:

  • Application $200-$500
  • Appraisal (often included in application)
  • Tax Escrow (usually 6 months) determined by lender
  • Points varies
  • Attorney’s Fees $1500 +/-
    Title Search $100-$150
    Title Insurance $325 per $100,00
    Recording Fee $10 (1page) ~ $15 (2pagess)
    Tax Adjustment buyer usually reimburses seller

Other Adjustments:

  • Utilities (Oil, Electric, Gas & Water) varies
  • Common Charges (Condo only) varies with complex
  • Association Fees varies with association
  • Insurance $1000 + depending on the property
  • Administrative Fee $195 +/-

Selling Process

We can help prepare, stage, and advertise your property.



We are full-service real estate professionals and our job is to represent your best interests through every step of the sales process, procuring the best price and most favorable terms. Each property is unique and we take special care to listen to your needs and customize a marketing plan specific to your home. We can help prepare, stage, and advertise your property. Your home will be featured in traditional print ads and direct mail pieces. We also use technology and analytics to target the right buyers and through social media and email marketing, we directly promote your property to them. From day one we are there to support you every step of the way until your house is successfully sold.

  • Walk thru the home and provide recommendations, including staging options
  • Provide recommendations for painters, home organizers, etc.
  • Review comps and pricing analysis
  • Research the property at Town Hall, acquire survey, assure there are no open
  • permits, oil tank removal etc.
  • Review and submit Listing paperwork ·
  • Create home improvements list
  • Schedule photographer
  • Sign up seller for Listing Notifications and Newsletter
  • Set up Internet Property View Report
  • Prepare the listing for the MLS
  • Schedule the Broker Open House
  • Schedule the Public Open House
  • Schedule advertising
  • Prepare “Just Listed” mailing
  • Prepare Social Media Campaign and maintain throughout the listing period
  • Create marketing materials, including brochures, etc.
  • Install Sign
  • Email the members of the MLS
  • Manage incoming calls and schedule appointments ONGOING:
  • Maintain Activity Log
  • Monitor online Activity
  • Schedule Open Houses
  • Continually update Social Media and websites
  • Promote the property at office and general membership meetings
  • Network thru sphere of influence locally and in NYC
  • Update print advertising
  • Monitor market conditions pricing and comps
  • Negotiate offers

Accept Offer

  • Submit Memorandum of Terms to the attorney
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the attorney to assure progress milestones are met
  • Oversee inspection process and negotiate terms


  • Provide recommendations for movers, cleaners, etc.
  • Get the list of service providers
  • Get oil tank and gas levels to the attorney for closing credit
  • Schedule walk-thru
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